About Us

Nestled in the Yorkshire Dales, Brymor has been making the finest Real Dairy Ice Cream since 1984. The secret lies in our cherished herd of pedigree Guernsey cows that graze lazily on lush Yorkshire grass. Guernseys are famous for their golden whole milk which is far creamier than other dairy cows can produce. Combining their milk with double cream, and sourcing only the finest natural ingredients makes for an indulgently rich finished taste, which we know you will enjoy as much as we do.

Image of Riggwelter beer, ice cream and a cow

We don’t cut corners and remain true to our distinctive flavour and texture. We have a genuine passion for our craft, and the quality of our creations. You can sample our hard work at our parlour and café on the farm in Wensleydale with over 35 different varieties of ice-cream and sorbets or check out our stockists to satisfy your craving.


Our story begins in 1984 when milk quotas were introduced, forcing Brian Moore (hence the name), to diversify the spare milk from his small Guernsey herd into making ice cream. After some trial and error, and lots and lots of tastings sessions, Brian perfected the recipe which we haven’t changed since.

On their small farm in Weeton, Brian and his wife, Brenda, would make the ice cream in the morning then sell it in the afternoon from an 8ft square hut at the farm gates. Countless awards followed, and word quickly spread of the richest, creamiest ice cream going and visitors flocked to the farm. It became so popular that local residents began to complain that their quiet little village had become overrun with traffic; it was time to find somewhere more suitable. After searching the length and breadth of the country, our current location at High Jervaulx, in lower Wensleydale, was chosen as the ideal place to take the business forward.

A new purpose built manufacturing plant and parlour were built to cope with demand, with the parlour becoming an obligatory stop for passing visitors- we now attract over 300,000 people annually.

The Present

Very sadly both Brian & Brenda passed away in 2011 and Brymor was continued by their son, Robert and his wife, and their grand-daughter, Nicola. In 2014, following the untimely passing of Robert, the farm and business were put up for sale, as both were too bigger task for the family to carry on. As part of the sale, the farm and the ice cream business were split, with a local businessman taking over the ownership and continuing the Brymor legacy with Nicola Moore continuing to be responsible for the management of the business as the Operations Director. 

We have a commitment to remain true to our distinctive recipe and will continue to make all of our products in the same buildings across the yard from the parlour, on the same farm, and with the same pedigree herd of Guernsey cows. 

As part of the sale the buyer of the farm wanted to move his own livestock onto the farm so unfortunately we had to find a new home for our girls. Thankfully they didn't have to move too far and are being looked after on a farm just down the road. They are still grazing on lush Yorkshire grass, and we have done everything to ensure the move has not been too stressful and they're happy as ever- even collecting the same silage from their old home at High Jervaulx for their winter feed. Our milk is delivered every single morning, and this guarantees that we can continue to make our delicious ice cream in the same way that we always have.