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Brymor Cow of the Month

  • Posted On: 31 July 2015
  • Author: Sarah
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Brymor Cow of the Month

Our Cows are based just down the road from us and they live a leisurely life grazing on the best Yorkshire grass. They do however work very hard to produce the freshest and yummiest milk for our delicious ice cream so we thought it was only fair to reward them on a monthly basis by introducing the much coveted award of ‘Brymor Cow of the Month!’

This month we are delighted to announce that Brymor Glory 25 (more commonly known as Daisy) has been awarded this prestigious title.

Guernsey cows produce roughly 22 litres of milk a day, yet Daisy can produce up to 38 litres of milk in a single day! On average Daisy is producing 1131.5 litres of milk a month which is equivalent of filling 14 baths a month!

Daisy is a Scorpio which means that she is udderly gorgeous and very friendly. Scorpio’s are also well known for their fantastic voices and Daisy has a fantastic moo-ing voice (did you know that Katy Perry is a Scorpio!)

We hope that Daisy has another unbelievable month and we will give her some extra tasty silage from High Jervaulx as a treat!

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