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Gift and Factory Shop

Our well-stocked gift shop has something for everyone so visitors to the Parlour the chance to take home Yorkshire produce at its best. We have our own range of carefully selected jams, chutneys, cakes and biscuits are sourced and crafted using local ingredients.  Along with our own range of foodie treats, we stock cheese from the famous Wensleydale Creamery (the home of Wallace & Gromit), tea from Taylors of Harrogate. and of course, Brymor’s own real ice cream is available in take home packs so you can stock up your freezer. 

 Brymor Shop
We make every single tub of delicious Brymor ice cream right here on the farm you can choose from an amazing range of flavours and with zero food miles.  Look out for seasonal offers as well as limited edition special flavours only available in the parloiur shop.

Brymor Hampers & Gift Vouchers
Give that special someone something to remember with a Brymor hamper, perfect for any occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or Christmas. These are all packed with our own brand of quality local produce, beautifully wrapped and presented. Call in to the Parlour and choose your own hamper or we can arrange delivery throughout the UK. Prices start from £30 including postage). To order, please call 01677 460377 or email

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Parties at Brymor

Contact our parlour team for more information and prices
Please call 01677 460377 or email


Latest Farm Shop News

Gorgeous Guernsey Goodness

A blog peice on why we love Guernsey milk

  • Posted On: 29 September 2015
  • Author: James
  • Number of views: 3057
Gorgeous Guernsey Goodness

Great in coffee, milkshakes, cereal, cooking & of course ICE CREAM!

Ever wondered why Brymor Ice Cream tastes so good? The secret lies in the golden whole milk that our gorgeous Guernsey cows produce for us. Its milk done the proper way- where the cream rises to the top, but it also has some surprising health benefits.

Guernsey milk has a beautiful golden colour to it and that’s because of the high levels of Beta Carotene in it. In fact Guernseys have the highest Beta-Carotene percentage in the world! Without getting too scientific, Beta Carotene is found in green vegetable matter such as grass, and because Guernsey cows can’t digest it, it passes into the milk. It’s a powerful anti-oxidant that is proven to lower heart disease, and as we all know, anti-oxidants have anti-ageing properties…get me another glass!

Guernsey milk also contains three times as much of the fatty acid Omega 3 than other milks so grab a spoon and put the Cod Liver Oil capsules back in the cupboard!

Guernsey milk also is also higher in the following in comparison to conventional Dairy breeds: 

  • 12% more Protein                    
  • 33% higher Vitamin D
  • 25% higher Vitamin A
  • 15%  more Calcium 

Bear with me because this part is a little technical, there are two types of milk, A1 & A2 because of a genetic mutation that occurred way back. The mutation changed a protein in the milk called Beta-Casein, when A1 milk is digested by humans it releases a potentially harmful opioid known as BCM-7 which has a higher connection to heart disease, autism & milk intolerance. A2 milk, which 95% of Guernsey cows produce, does not produce this same opioid and studies indicate is a much healthier alternative. A1 milk is more commonly found in black & white cows and because of their size and higher yields, they are the breeds that are predominantly used across the world’s Dairy industry. We have some customers who come from miles to buy our milk in the Parlour for their children who have autism & they swear that it works wonders.

Finally it all comes down to taste. Guernseys have a very high butterfat ratio in comparison to other breeds (5% vs 3.5% in black & white cows) & it’s that high butterfat that is the key to making our unique & creamy ice cream. So with all the health benefits described above it pays to indulge in our gorgeous Guernsey Ice Cream! 

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| @brymoricecream