Did you know cows have an excellent sense of smell, detecting smells from as far away as 5 miles.

Meet The Herd...

Why Do We Keep Guernsey Cows?

Guernsey cows are known for their docile and friendly nature. Rather than trample you to death, they want to lick you to death! They don't produce as much milk as other breeds do but they make up for it in the creaminess of their milk, quality not quantity! Dairy breeds like Holsteins have a butterfat of 3.5% whilst our Guernseys are up at 5.5%- that's the secret to making the most delicious ice cream.

Happy cows produce more and better quality milk. A scientific study has shown that if you name a cow and treat her as an individual she will produce 500 pints more milk a year.

Their welfare is crucial to our business, and we do everything to make our girls happy!

We are one of the only herds of pedigree Guernseys in the UK with over 200 cows currently producing our lovely milk. Managing a pedigree herd takes skill, time and lots of effort and we have a dedicated team that specialises in the three stages of looking after the herd.

Life of a cow

In the winter the cows spend their time inside the sheds munching on silage cut the previous summer and they each have their own special beds called a cubicle with a warm sawdust mattress. When the weather breaks the cows can finally leave the sheds and head out to graze on lush Yorkshire grass, it’s amazing to see them kicking the air with excitement!